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Chengdu YSD Filter Co., Ltd. is a specialized company for research and development, production and sales of filtration, purification equipment and related products, the  products can completely replace a variety of imported famous brands (such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Atlas, Sullair, Fu Sheng, Ingersoll-Rand, etc.) of filtration products, and gained many patents. The company is located in Xindu District, adjacent to the Southwest Petroleum University, the company's core technology comes from Japan, and established closed cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research, university and professional Institute, It provide a reliable guarantee  for the development of the company's new products.
The company has a modern professional workshop and kinds of professional production equipment and testing equipment.
Companies involved in major industries at home and abroad:
Oil and gas industry; shale gas fracturing diesel fuel purification rapid refueling device, compressed air purification equipment, gas splash apparatus, gas meter filtration device, gas purification mist separation device,  natural gas compressor purification equipment, oil drilling on-site sewage treatment plant, coalescing separation and filtration separator device;
Locomotive Industry: Internal combustion engine diesel - water separator, locomotive filter for OE market, freight train braking systems and other dust collectors;
Chemical industry: high pressure, corrosion resistant filters and pipeline device etc;
Metallurgical industry: hydraulic lubrication filters and oil filter devices;
Pharmaceutical, food, tobacco industry: clean workshop systems, indoor air purification systems;
Energy and machinery manufacturing industry: dust and smoke treatment purification system, dust recycling treatment systems, plasma laser cutting soot treatment systems, workshop smoke, paint, spray dust treatment system;
Mining Industry: Machinery power hydraulic filtration products, collecting dust emissions and environmental protection equipment, water treatment and other environmental protection equipment;
Product quality reached the advanced level at home and the level of similar foreign products, welcomed the new and old customers to visit us!