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Sewage treatment industry development trend self-cleaning filter
Self-cleaning filter will also be increasing over the past few years, a qualitative change in industrial capacity sewage treatment industry has occurred, this qualitative change is mainly composed of two aspects, one is the number of sewage treatment plants in the rapid increase in industrial demand the second is to increase the overall processing capacity quickly. There are about more than 3,000 sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater discharge compliance amount is 54 billion tons in 2011, 2012 will exceed 76 billion tons. The amount of change in a certain extent, also caused a qualitative change.
From the spatial distribution, the past is punctate distribution, now converted to a spatial network layout. Such a shift what kind of benefits? At the regional level, industry specific capabilities to enhance wastewater treatment plant is a very obvious, called scale industry, the larger scale, efficiency better. The past is formed by a single plant, now integrated on the region if do, then, is transformed by the scale advantages of a single plant into a multi-plant set advantage, so this is a very big change. Therefore, we need to facilitate the self-cleaning filter to increase investment to make adjustments