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Recycling plant construction can not do without automatic filter help
Recycled water can be described as high-tech water treatment plant, recycling plant an important member of the family is the automatic filter regeneration water water quality is good, for the country to solve the problem of a large part of renewable water per year, which is inseparable from the middle of automatic filter help.
The recycling plant put into operation, greatly improved the country's ecological environment, to solve the water pollution problem of the city, effectively alleviate the shortage of water resources in the region, ecological construction provides water protection, ecological barrier for the realization of the city, the city's comprehensive service, culture and leisure tourism, eco-economic development and livable urban construction, such as the five leading feature provides a strong support. Meanwhile water quality, water and effluent treatment process implementation using automatic filter technology, comprehensive, automatic monitoring, surveillance data is automatically adjusted according to the operating parameters of sewage treatment facilities, effectively ensuring the water quality to meet the ecological water, landscape water, urban miscellaneous use, irrigation, fisheries reuse, industrial reuse, groundwater recharge and other standards.