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Sewage sludge can handle? Self-cleaning filters have to step up reform
Technological advances from the continuous attempts by the abandoned city instead of dyeing wastewater treatment sludge, and this is to think about things in the past, however, gifted students in their heads the operation, even with this technique clue Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College of Environmental Science and Engineering fanchaoyang  other students in the "development and application of sewage sludge-based printing and dyeing wastewater treatment process," the research project. Recently, the project won the "Challenge Cup" College Students' Extracurricular Scientific Contest Grand Prize finals Fujian Province. This is definitely a big wedding we water sector, but for traditional businesses, it would be not a little bad news. Lauren Self-cleaning filter, said technology can not keep up grades, which border on the water well mixed ah, that joke's words, but also shows the power of technology is at the forefront of business survival.
Beijing Lauren production of self-cleaning filter using the most cutting-edge technology, fully automated equipment, while addressing high precision, is the best choice sewage treatment, Lauren stage in order to meet the needs of more processing, self-cleaning filter It conducted its overall design has been greatly improved, so that it can effectively overcome the small amount of pollutant conventional filtration products, vulnerable to dirt clogging, part of the need to disassemble and clean the filter and can not monitor the many shortcomings of the filter status, having raw water filter and automatic cleaning of the filter function of sewage and sewage systems cleaning uninterrupted water supply, you can monitor the filter operation, high degree of automation. Covered by a variety of 10um to 3000um filtration accuracy requirements.