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Country and more heavy rains provoke thinking on the self-cleaning filter
Recently, the spread of the Internet is not up to a certain celebrity sex scandal, not a national policy called for, but a rare and more rain, the disaster caused, not out of the city of Kunming can see the sea, the Beijing Palace Museum, the Palace Museum was renamed Beijing seabed, a series of friends ridicule all details of the flooding has become a problem can not be ignored, however, for the prevention and treatment of these water, the water sinks into the river, into the sea, he was thinking of re-use caused a small series, self-cleaning filter can accept theseIt contains water test various substances it?
Beijing Lauren Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is relying on a specialized filtration equipment to build modern filter manufacturers, the production of self-cleaning filters and other products won several national awards for innovation, excellent quality, while the best-selling home and abroad, its density fine, fully automated operation, can effectively filter impurities in the water.
Water is the survival of the human condition, does not respect the water, then left to the last drop, it will be human tears!