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Breakthrough "V decahedron haze" air purifier into a "dark horse"
Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Sirui reports: Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released to the media in April 2015 in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region and other 74 urban air quality situation, overall, air quality in China nowadays worrying. From the geographical dimension of analysis, moderately severe and severe pollution occurs more in the north and Xinjiang. In recent years, more and more frequent fog and haze, so that air pollution has become a hot issue was discussed, "We live under the same sky, the haze has become everyone must deal with and problems to be solved! Away haze, breathing with a pure sky! "netizens said.
Recently, the United States and China and Egypt held a "healthy breathing · New 'net' community" press conference, for immediate US global air quality Egyptian Group's brand strength, services, sales and marketing network, corporate social responsibility is described in detail. Also on the skills of how serious air pollution in the event of the survival were sharing.
Air pollution is not only the immediate focus of attention, but also promoted the rapid development of air purifier market, but industry standards are to be standardized. Recently, the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances clean utensils Lu Jianguo Branch Secretary at the First China air purifier industry annual meeting said the new national standard air purifier has been examined and approved March 13, the fastest will be introduced in June, new Standard will effectively regulate the market. It is reported that the new national standard highlighted the amount of clean air (CADR), cumulative purge amount (CCM) and noise three key performance indicators, and clearly the product logo content. Air purifiers new national standard introduced, giving consumers more choice and safer products.
MayAir (MayAir), to become a global supplier of integrated clean technology solutions, with over 20 years of professional experience to provide air purification solutions, has grown into the air purification industry's top brand. MayAir covers air purification equipment and services needed for the industry, and provide comprehensive and effective air purification solutions, to bring you fresh air, a comfortable life! Conference, US-Egyptian director of China Chen Minda (Ding Ming Dak) also said that "the United States and Egypt will remain committed to the global air quality improvement, strive to promote the purification of industrial development. Incentives promoting environmental protection, promote energy conservation, social The important task of environmental protection in the way of air purification, MayAir strive to better, more quality and efficient customer service to grow together with customers "Edit: Ivy